Your food.
Fresher, tastier and safer for longer.

Antigrade signals a revolution in food preservation and safety.

This transformative, natural technology keeps food fresher for longer by changing the way it reacts to its environment. Nothing is added to or detracted from the produce itself. But the presence of Antigrade significantly slows the growth of bacteria and can eliminate pathogens.

This results in food that retains its natural freshness for considerably longer, with the accompanying benefits to taste, nutrition and health. It also massively reduces waste and carbon emissions.

Antigrade is a scientific breakthrough that will transform the way we relate to food. And it’s available now.

Reduces food waste and emissions

How it works

Antigrade has a similar effect on food as cooling or freezing, but without reducing the ambient temperature.

It alters the environment surrounding the produce to improve its microbial qualities – usually through incorporation into food packaging.

Helps producers reduce costs


Antigrade requires no modifications or investment into plant and its efficiencies can be realised throughout the value chain.

A longer shelf life may support a more cost-effective and carbon-friendly choice of transport.

Stores and restaurants will reduce food waste and secure higher profit margins.

Consumers will also benefit from longer shelf life, reduced waste and better food safety.


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