Significantly improves the microbial quality and shelf life of food and drink

Antigrade Marine

Antigrade is a catalyst which improves the microbial and sensory quality of fish and other seafood, prolonging its shelf life considerably compared with existing preservation technologies.

This non-toxic catalyst is composed of organic materials that target the electrodynamics occurring on a cellular level.

Applied to seafood as a pad or liquid, it creates an advantageous cellular environment which slows down bacterial growth and degradation.

The Proof

Extensive tests conducted by our laboratory partner Eurofins have quantified Antigrade’s superiority versus traditional CO2 technology:


The Opportunity

Antigrade is a unique product with exceptional potential for producers, consumers and investors. It has been over 10 years in development and is now third-party verified and certified.

Secure IP

Its patent is pending and sales and distribution contracts contain IP protection clauses with clear sanctions for breach. Trademark has been filed for Antigrade.

Market ready

A production partner is already in place and ready for operations to begin immediately. No plant modifications or capex is required and there is ample capacity.

High growth

Initial contracts secured. Low production and operating costs and high margins will drive rapid growth. Market trends will underpin long-term success.

Tests supervised and conducted by:


Eurofins is a world leader in food, environment and pharmaceutical products testing and agroscience CRO services.


The product has potential to play a major role in the reduction of food waste throughout the globe with concurrent benefits in reducing CO2.

Very simply, Antigrade has a significant role to play in not only feeding the planet but in protecting it for future generations.

The team

Antigrade benefits from a strong management and advisory board, with crucial product knowledge restricted to a small team of key individuals.

Introducing our senior management team:

  • Sjur Velsvik

    Sjur Velsvik
    Chief Executive
  • Dr Terje Buer

    Dr Terje Buer
    Head of R&D
  • Truls Eriksen

    Truls Eriksen
    Chief Operations
  • Louis Reinholdt

    Louis Reinholdt
    Sales director, Asia-Pacific
  • Aslak Digernes

    Aslak Digernes
  • Neil Chappell

    Neil Chappell

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Antigrade - Superior preservation technology for food and drink