Your food.
Fresher, tastier and safer for longer.

Antigrade signals a revolution in food preservation and safety.

This transformative, natural technology keeps food fresher for longer by changing the way it reacts to its environment. Nothing is added to or detracted from the produce itself. But the presence of Antigrade significantly slows the growth of bacteria and can eliminate pathogens.

This results in food that retains its natural freshness for considerably longer, with the accompanying benefits to taste, nutrition and health. It also massively reduces waste and carbon emissions.

Antigrade is a scientific breakthrough that will transform the way we relate to food. And it’s available now.

Reduces food waste and emissions

How it works

Antigrade has a similar effect on food as cooling or freezing, but without reducing the ambient temperature.

It alters the environment surrounding the produce to improve its microbial qualities – usually through incorporation into food packaging.

Helps producers reduce costs


Antigrade requires no modifications or investment into plant and its efficiencies can be realised throughout the value chain.

A longer shelf life may support a more cost-effective and carbon-friendly choice of transport.

Stores and restaurants will reduce food waste and secure higher profit margins.

Consumers will also benefit from longer shelf life, reduced waste and better food safety.


Based in Oslo, Antigrade’s SMT comprises experts who possess years of industrial, technical and financial experience.

Our Senior Management Team:

Educated at the Norwegian School of Economics and Harvard Business School, Bjørnar has considerable experience as a CEO, a role he currently fulfills for Dolphin Drilling. His speciality is strategy and negotiation, while he is best known for his role as CEO of Songa Offshore.

Bjørnar Iversen

Bjørn Arne has experience from several start-ups both as entrepreneur and in various commercial roles. He has also spent a few years in management consulting before taking key business development positions within various companies in the Aker group such as Kvaerner, Aker Floating Production, Aker Energy and TRG Energy.

Bjørn Arne Lundblad

Truls is a corporate lawyer and entrepreneur, who’s been instrumental in establishing Antigrade and a number of other companies focused on breakthrough technologies. His expertise sees him assisting a variety of financial and industrial parties on areas relating to corporate finance, including bond financing, regulatory matters and more.

Truls Eriksen

COO and Director

With a background in engineering and shipping, Sjur has extensive experience in R&D and industry, including 18 years as Managing Director and CEO of the Japanese company Furuno Electric Ltd’s operations in Norway and Brazil. He is an expert at guiding innovation within a corporate environment.

Sjur A. Velsvik

R&D Manager

Stein has a B.Sc. in Applied Physics and a Ph.D. in Physics. Having a background in Applied Physics he works mainly with technologies relating to physics, electronics, computers and communications, and has also experience within offshore, metallurgy and alternative energy. Stein is the head of Antigrade’s IP team.

Stein Roar Gjøen

Key IP Advisor

An engineer combining business development training with an entrepreneurial mindset, Kjetil possesses a unique blend of technical skills and business sense. With over 10 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, Kjetil is used to working with some of the most advanced technical companies in the world.

Kjetil Ulving-Tufte

Business Development

Lars is part of the Corporate and M&A Group of SANDS. He has extensive corporate and contract law experience, acting on a regular basis for listed and private companies. In addition to his law degree, Lars has a degree in economics from Norwegian School of Economics and Administration (NHH).

Lars Tormodsgaard

Legal and Director

Educated at the Copenhagen Business School. As well as being partner in a large VC firm, Louis has experience in production, development and supply chain in China. Over the last 7 years Louis has been working in Asia as a VP in Sales & Business Development within IT Security, E-Marketing and Consulting.

Louis Reinholdt

Sales Director

Jonathan is an entrepreneurial, results-driven executive with a 25-year record of consistently achieving multimillion-dollar revenue targets. Known for the conceptualization, marketing and sales of “new-to-the-world” products in multiple industries, he’s skilled at anticipating consumer trends and implementing business strategies.

Jonathan Saul

Commercial Advisor

Aslak Digernes


Alexander Parker


With 30 years’ experience in advertising and communications, Neil has worked with a variety of blue-chip clients including Sky, Reckitt Benckiser, Toyota and SCA Hygiene, writing and directing many commercials for both TV and radio. He founded his own brand and marketing agency in London in 2009.

Neil Chappell



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